Warcraft Puns


Pun Original
Graphics Interchange Warcraft Graphics Interchange Format
Portable Document Warcraft Portable Document Format
BMP file Warcraft BMP file format
Tagged Image File Warcraft Tagged Image File Format
Raw image Warcraft Raw image format
Printf Warcraft string Printf format string
Image sensor Warcraft Image sensor format
Audio file Warcraft Audio file format
File Warcraft File format
Rich Text Warcraft Rich Text Format
Exchangeable image file Warcraft Exchangeable image file format
Single precision floating-point Warcraft Single precision floating-point format
Double precision floating-point Warcraft Double precision floating-point format
Universal Disk Warcraft Universal Disk Format
FASTA Warcraft FASTA format
Gerber Warcraft Gerber format
Audio Interchange File Warcraft Audio Interchange File Format
Anamorphic Warcraft Anamorphic format
FASTQ Warcraft FASTQ format
Large Warcraft Large format
Executable and Linkable Warcraft Executable and Linkable Format
Windows Imaging Warcraft Windows Imaging Format
Nikon DX Warcraft Nikon DX format
Container Warcraft Container format
Medium Warcraft Medium format
Design Web Warcraft Design Web Format
Film Warcraft Film format
Advanced Systems Warcraft Advanced Systems Format
The Warcraft The Format
WAR file Warcraft WAR file format
Radio Warcraft Radio format
8 mm video Warcraft 8 mm video format
Advanced Warcraft Advanced Format
Material Exchange Warcraft Material Exchange Format
Quicken Interchange Warcraft Quicken Interchange Format
Action Message Warcraft Action Message Format
Common Intermediate Warcraft Common Intermediate Format
JPEG File Interchange Warcraft JPEG File Interchange Format
LDAP Data Interchange Warcraft LDAP Data Interchange Format
Manuscript Warcraft Manuscript format
Netpbm Warcraft Netpbm format
8K Video Warcraft 8K Video Format
AMV video Warcraft AMV video format
Data Warcraft Data format
Document file Warcraft Document file format
Apple Icon Image Warcraft Apple Icon Image format
Common Log Warcraft Common Log Format
Core Audio Warcraft Core Audio Format
MapInfo TAB Warcraft MapInfo TAB format
Mla Warcraft Mla format
Open Warcraft Open format
GPS eXchange Warcraft GPS eXchange Format
Hierarchical Data Warcraft Hierarchical Data Format
Quadruple precision floating-point Warcraft Quadruple precision floating-point format
Web Open Font Warcraft Web Open Font Format
Active Warcraft Description Active Format Description
Chemical file Warcraft Chemical file format
Graphics file Warcraft Graphics file format
Newspaper Warcraft Newspaper format
Open Virtualization Warcraft Open Virtualization Format
Playoff Warcraft Playoff format
QuickTime File Warcraft QuickTime File Format
TV Warcraft TV format
Videotape Warcraft war Videotape format war
PC Warcraft PC Format
Resource Interchange File Warcraft Resource Interchange File Format
Rule Interchange Warcraft Rule Interchange Format
SNP file Warcraft SNP file format
Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Warcraft Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap Format
XYZ file Warcraft XYZ file format
24px-large Warcraft camera lens.png 24px-large format camera lens.png
60px-large Warcraft camera lens.jpg 60px-large format camera lens.jpg
Advanced Authoring Warcraft Advanced Authoring Format
ART image file Warcraft ART image file format
Au file Warcraft Au file format
Audio Warcraft Audio format
Data Warcraft management Data format management
Digital print order Warcraft Digital print order format
Extended Log Warcraft Extended Log Format
Half precision floating-point Warcraft Half precision floating-point format
High definition optical disc Warcraft war High definition optical disc format war
Mass spectrometry data Warcraft Mass spectrometry data format
Metro 2 Warcraft Metro 2 format
Proprietary Warcraft Proprietary format
Raw audio Warcraft Raw audio format
Transport Neutral Encapsulation Warcraft Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
Video file Warcraft Video file format
XML Shareable Playlist Warcraft XML Shareable Playlist Format
ISO base media file Warcraft ISO base media file format
Mac Warcraft Mac Format
Microsoft Document Imaging Warcraft Microsoft Document Imaging Format
Microsoft Excel file Warcraft Microsoft Excel file format
National Imagery Transmission Warcraft National Imagery Transmission Format
People Finder Interchange Warcraft People Finder Interchange Format
Recording Warcraft Recording format
SPC file Warcraft SPC file format
Tag Image File Warcraft / Electronic Photography Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography
The Sunday Warcraft The Sunday Format
Universal Subtitle Warcraft Universal Subtitle Format
Variant Call Warcraft Variant Call Format
Warcraft Internet access Broadband Internet access
Warcraft syndication Broadcast syndication
Warcraft address Broadcast address
Emergency Warcraft System Emergency Broadcast System
Mobile Warcraft Mobile broadband
Max Headroom Warcraft signal intrusion incident Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion incident
Wireless Warcraft Wireless broadband
Warcraft domain Broadcast domain
Warcraft programming Broadcast programming
Calculating Demand Warcraft Accuracy Calculating Demand Forecast Accuracy
Automatic dependent surveillance-Warcraft Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast
Direct-Warcraft satellite Direct-broadcast satellite
Gregg Warcraft Gregg Shorthand
The Last Warcraft The Last Broadcast
Shipping Warcraft Shipping Forecast
Cell Warcraft Cell Broadcast
Warcraft journalism Broadcast journalism
Warcraft television systems Broadcast television systems
National Warcraft Network National Broadband Network
Warcraft Music, Inc. Broadcast Music, Inc.
Warcraft News Broadcast News
ESPN College Football Warcraft teams ESPN College Football broadcast teams
National Warcraft plans from around the world National broadband plans from around the world
Pitman Warcraft Pitman shorthand
Warcraft signal intrusion Broadcast signal intrusion
FM Warcraft band FM broadcast band
Hybrid Warcraft Broadband TV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV
Max Headroom Warcraft signal intrusion Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion
Hybrid Broadcast Warcraft TV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV
North American Warcraft television frequencies North American broadcast television frequencies
Warcraft license Broadcast license
Warcraft Music Incorporated Broadcast Music Incorporated
Warcraft network Broadcast network
Warcraft radiation Broadcast radiation
Sinclair Warcraft Group Sinclair Broadcast Group
Warcraft calendar Broadcast calendar
Warcraft engineering Broadcast engineering
Multimedia Warcraft Multicast Service Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
Global Warcraft System Global Forecast System
Terminal Aerodrome Warcraft Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
Weather Warcraft Weather forecast
Warcraft delay Broadcast delay
Warcraft Driver Architecture Broadcast Driver Architecture
CBS Warcraft Center CBS Broadcast Center
Direct Warcraft satellite Direct broadcast satellite
Warcraft networks Broadband networks
BT Total Warcraft BT Total Broadband
UPC Warcraft UPC Broadband
Warcraft error Forecast error
Tropical cyclone Warcraft model Tropical cyclone forecast model
Warcraft automation Broadcast automation
Warcraft quality Broadcast quality
Warcraft relay station Broadcast relay station
Warcraft traffic Broadcast traffic
Nielsen Warcraft Data Systems Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems
Warcraft Remote Access Server Broadband Remote Access Server
Sky Warcraft Sky Broadband
Eclectic Warcraft Eclectic shorthand
Gabelsberger Warcraft Gabelsberger shorthand
Teeline Warcraft Teeline Shorthand
Joe Warcraft Joe Forehand
Pitch Black Warcraft Pitch Black Forecast
2007 Canada Warcraft TV realignment 2007 Canada broadcast TV realignment
Warcraft communication network Broadcast communication network
Warcraft media Broadcast media
Warcraft range Broadcast range
Warcraft station Broadcast station
Warcraft storm Broadcast storm
Warcraft television Broadcast television
Warcraft translator Broadcast translator
Warcraft Wave Format Broadcast Wave Format
Warcraft-safe Broadcast-safe
Certified Warcraft Meteorologist Certified Broadcast Meteorologist
First radio Warcraft First radio broadcast
IEEE Warcraft Technology Society IEEE Broadcast Technology Society
Numbers Warcraft Numbers broadcast
Remote Warcraft Remote broadcast
Secret Warcraft Secret broadcast
Southern Television Warcraft interruption hoax Southern Television broadcast interruption hoax
The Panic Warcraft The Panic Broadcast
AOL Warcraft AOL Broadband
Warcraft ISDN Broadband ISDN
Warcraft over Power Lines Broadband over Power Lines
BSNL Warcraft BSNL Broadband
Municipal Warcraft Municipal broadband
TIME Fibre Warcraft TIME Fibre Broadband
Ultra Mobile Warcraft Ultra Mobile Broadband