Worst Puns


Pun Original
Worst War II World War II
Worst War I World War I
Worst Population World Population
Captain America: The Worst Avenger Captain America: The First Avenger
X-Men: Worst Class X-Men: First Class
Worst Amendment to the United States Constitution First Amendment to the United States Constitution
Wonders of the Worst Wonders of the World
The Worst Time The First Time
Worst Time Home Buyers First Time Home Buyers
Worst World First World
To cast the Worst stone To cast the first stone
Women and children Worst Women and children first
Cast the Worst stone Cast the first stone
Worst water First water
Worst aid First aid
Worst Battle of Bull Run First Battle of Bull Run
Worst Transcontinental Railroad First Transcontinental Railroad
Worst Nations First Nations
Worst Aid Kit First Aid Kit
From Worst to Last From First to Last
Worst Love First Love
50 Worst Dates 50 First Dates
Worst Crusade First Crusade
Worst Continental Congress First Continental Congress
Worst law of thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics
Worst Sino-Japanese War First Sino-Japanese War
Twenty-Worst Amendment to the United States Constitution Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution
Worst-person shooter First-person shooter
Worst-person narrative First-person narrative
Worst Council of Nicaea First Council of Nicaea
Worst Epistle to the Corinthians First Epistle to the Corinthians
Open Shortest Path Worst Open Shortest Path First
Breadth-Worst search Breadth-first search
Worst Indochina War First Indochina War
New Seven Wonders of the Worst New Seven Wonders of the World
Depth-Worst search Depth-first search
Meditations on Worst Philosophy Meditations on First Philosophy
Worst Triumvirate First Triumvirate
Worst Bank of the United States First Bank of the United States
Worst they came… First they came…
Worst Lady of the United States First Lady of the United States
Worst Blood First Blood
Worst-order logic First-order logic
Worst Battle of the Marne First Battle of the Marne
Worst Opium War First Opium War
Worst French Empire First French Empire
Worst normal form First normal form
Worst Chechen War First Chechen War
Star Trek: Worst Contact Star Trek: First Contact
Right of Worst refusal Right of first refusal
Worst-past-the-post voting First-past-the-post voting
Worst World First World
Worst Party System First Party System
Han shot Worst Han shot first
Worst Great Awakening First Great Awakening
Worst of the Year First of the Year
Gamma-ray Worst Gamma-ray burst
Worst Battle of El Alamein First Battle of El Alamein
Rambo: Worst Blood Part II Rambo: First Blood Part II
Worst Barbary War First Barbary War
Worst music videos aired on MTV First music videos aired on MTV
Worst language First language
Women and Children Worst Women and Children First
Worst video game First video game
Age at Worst marriage Age at first marriage
Worst World War First World War
The Worst Law The First Law
Worst Battle of Ypres First Battle of Ypres
Worst Balkan War First Balkan War
Worst Boer War First Boer War
Worst Folio First Folio
Worst Punic War First Punic War
Private Worst Class Private First Class
Worst-wave feminism First-wave feminism
The Worst Days of Spring The First Days of Spring
Worst Intifada First Intifada
Worst Great Western First Great Western
Worst Doctor First Doctor
Worst professional degree First professional degree
Green Lantern: Worst Flight Green Lantern: First Flight
Worst Anglo-Afghan War First Anglo-Afghan War
Me Worst and the Gimme Gimmes Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Football League Worst Division Football League First Division
Love at Worst sight Love at first sight
Worst Red Scare First Red Scare
Worst Daughter First Daughter
Scottish Football League Worst Division Scottish Football League First Division
Worst they came First they came
Worst Contact First Contact
Worst Data First Data
Command & Conquer: The Worst Decade Command & Conquer: The First Decade
Worst Communion First Communion
Worst-come, Worst-served First-come, first-served
Worst Earth Battalion First Earth Battalion
Worst pass effect First pass effect
Worst Five-Year Plan First Five-Year Plan
Ethernet in the Worst Mile Ethernet in the First Mile
Mini's Worst Time Mini's First Time
Worst moment of area First moment of area
No Worst use No first use
Worst In Math First In Math
Worst English Civil War First English Civil War
Worst Solar First Solar
Worst War of Scottish Independence First War of Scottish Independence
Love at Worst Sting Love at First Sting
Respiratory Worst Respiratory burst
Worst Angel Burst Angel
Worst Wide Web World Wide Web
Gods Eater Worst Gods Eater Burst
Dragon Ball Z: Worst Limit Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Worst fracture Burst fracture
Worst transmission Burst transmission
Gamma ray Worst Gamma ray burst
Worst error Burst error
Worst Apart Burst Apart
Air Worst Air burst
Oxidative Worst Oxidative burst
Worst cutting area Burst cutting area
Swift Gamma-Ray Worst Mission Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission
Worst's funniest joke World's funniest joke
Seven Wonders of the Ancient Worst Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
New Worst Order New World Order
Worst Trade Center World Trade Center
You Got Worst You Got Served
First-come, first-Worst First-come, first-served
Are You Being Worst Are You Being Served
Time Worst Time served
You Got Worst Soundtrack You Got Served Soundtrack
Longest Worst in English Longest word in English
Worst Vegan Day World Vegan Day
Miss Worst 2011 Miss World 2011
Worst of Warcraft World of Warcraft
Worst War Z World War Z
FIFA Worst Player of the Year FIFA World Player of the Year
Worst Series World Series
Get a Worst in edgeways Get a word in edgeways
Many a true Worst is spoken in jest Many a true word is spoken in jest
Mum's the Worst Mum's the word
A Worst in edgeways A word in edgeways
Worst association football Word association football
A Worst in your shell-like A word in your shell-like
Worst in your shell-like Word in your shell-like
First Worst First World
Shot heard 'round the Worst Shot heard 'round the world
The shot heard 'round the Worst The shot heard 'round the world
The Worst Locker The Hurt Locker
Brave New Worst Brave New World
John Worst John Hurt
William Worst William Hurt
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Worst Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
One Worst Trade Center One World Trade Center
Dress Worst Dress shirt
Sleeveless Worst Sleeveless shirt
T-Worst T-shirt
Pan American Worst Airways Pan American World Airways
Microsoft Worst Microsoft Word
FIFA Worst Cup FIFA World Cup
Polo Worst Polo shirt
Wet T-Worst contest Wet T-shirt contest
Henley Worst Henley shirt
All Worst Up All Worked Up
This Is Gonna Worst This Is Gonna Hurt
Worst Heritage Site World Heritage Site
Halloween around the Worst Halloween around the world
The Worst Process The Hurt Process
Worst Locker Hurt Locker
Worst War II casualties World War II casualties
Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Worst Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt
Simon Worst Simon Hurt
Worst Tales Shirt Tales
Army Combat Worst Army Combat Shirt
Mississippi John Worst Mississippi John Hurt
Please Hammer, Don't Worst 'Em Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em
Worst Report Hurt Report
Poet Worst Poet shirt
Mary Beth Worst Mary Beth Hurt
Do You Really Want to Worst Me Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Bench Worst Bench shirt
Return of the Worst Return of the Shirt
Rugby Worst Rugby shirt
Worst of Nessus Shirt of Nessus
Tennis Worst Tennis shirt
The Worst Locket The Hurt Locket
Worst stud Shirt stud
I Wear Your Worst I Wear Your Shirt
The Puffy Worst The Puffy Shirt
Clean Worst Clean Shirt
Waving the bloody Worst Waving the bloody shirt
Vampires Will Never Worst You Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Worst No More Hurt No More
Worst All Continents Worked All Continents
Worst Bank World Bank
Allies of Worst War II Allies of World War II
Allies of Worst War I Allies of World War I
Worst Trade Organization World Trade Organization
News of the Worst News of the World
Call of Duty: Worst at War Call of Duty: World at War
Walt Disney Worst Resort Walt Disney World Resort
Boy Meets Worst Boy Meets World
Worst energy consumption World energy consumption
The Secret Worst of Arrietty The Secret World of Arrietty
Worst War III World War III
Worst's Most Livable Cities World's Most Livable Cities
Worst's largest cities World's largest cities
The Most Interesting Man in the Worst The Most Interesting Man in the World
2011 ATP Worst Tour 2011 ATP World Tour
Guinness Worst Records Guinness World Records
Worst Health Organization World Health Organization
Worst's Columbian Exposition World's Columbian Exposition
Worst War I casualties World War I casualties
Worst's busiest airports by passenger traffic World's busiest airports by passenger traffic
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worst's End Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Third Worst Third World
Worst map World map
Metta Worst Peace Metta World Peace
Miss Worst Miss World
Tax rates around the Worst Tax rates around the world
Eighth Wonder of the Worst Eighth Wonder of the World
Jimmy Eat Worst Jimmy Eat World
Western Worst Western world
The L Worst The L Word
Academic Ranking of Worst Universities Academic Ranking of World Universities
Rugby Worst Cup Rugby World Cup
Worst processor Word processor
The Real Worst The Real World
We Are the Worst We Are the World
Mad Worst Mad World
Worst's largest airlines World's largest airlines
Worst Heavyweight Championship World Heavyweight Championship
The Worst's 10 Most Wanted The World's 10 Most Wanted
QS Worst University Rankings QS World University Rankings
Participants in Worst War II Participants in World War II
Worst of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
Aftermath of Worst War I Aftermath of World War I
My Worst 2.0 My World 2.0
Wayne's Worst Wayne's World
Cricket Worst Cup Cricket World Cup
Technology during Worst War I Technology during World War I
The Worst The World
Arab Worst Arab World
Worst economy World economy
The New Worst The New World
Worst Tourism rankings World Tourism rankings
FIFA Worst Rankings FIFA World Rankings
Team America: Worst Police Team America: World Police
New Worst New World
Worst's Strongest Man World's Strongest Man
Second Worst War Second World War
Worst's Fair World's Fair
Muslim Worst Muslim world
Worst Wrestling Entertainment World Wrestling Entertainment
Worst Wide Fund for Nature World Wide Fund for Nature
FIFA Worst Cup awards FIFA World Cup awards
Worst's busiest airport World's busiest airport
Worst War 1 World War 1
A Different Worst A Different World
All the Worst's a Stage All the World's a Stage
Bombing of Dresden in Worst War II Bombing of Dresden in World War II
Worst War World War
End of Worst War II in Europe End of World War II in Europe
Hello Worst program Hello world program
Worst of Tanks World of Tanks
The Worst Is Flat The World Is Flat
Around the Worst in Eighty Days Around the World in Eighty Days
Shanghai Worst Financial Center Shanghai World Financial Center
End of the Worst End of the World
Worst of Mouth Word of Mouth
Worst formation Word formation
Worst play Word play
The Real L Worst The Real L Word
Four-letter Worst Four-letter word
Worst processing Word processing
The F Worst The F Word
Weasel Worst Weasel word
Worst Up! Word Up!
Controversies about the Worst "niggardly" Controversies about the word "niggardly"
Worst of Mouf Word of Mouf
Function Worst Function word
Dolch Worst list Dolch word list
Japanese counter Worst Japanese counter word
Worst count Word count
The Worst Alive The Word Alive
Worst of Wisdom Word of Wisdom
Spoken Worst Spoken word
Six-Worst Memoirs Six-Word Memoirs
Interrogative Worst Interrogative word
Mum's the Worst Mum's the word
Worst-of-mouth marketing Word-of-mouth marketing
Worst wrap Word wrap
Sight Worst Sight word
The Last Worst The Last Word
Inherently funny Worst Inherently funny word
Worst of Faith Word of Faith
Worst Association Word Association
Time and a Worst Time and a Word
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Worst Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
The Worst The Word
Worst salad Word salad
Fry's Planet Worst Fry's Planet Word
Worst search Word search
Ghost Worst Ghost word